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Expo Milano 2015


From May 1 to October 31, 2015, the United States of America will join in welcoming more than 20 million visitors to Expo Milano 2015. For the first time in the history of world’s fairs, the theme of Expo Milano is food: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” This theme will unite 140-plus countries into action around the challenges and opportunities facing our global food system and the sustainable development of our planet.

Expo Milano 2015 is the world’s largest stage to foster dialogue, aggregate ideas, and showcase innovations in food, sustainability, science, industry, economics, entrepreneurship and other elements at the core of American culture.

For more information, visit Expo2015.org.

USA Pavilion

The global food theme of Expo Milano 2015 will enable the USA Pavilion to showcase the United States as a leader and innovator not only in the food sector, but also in many aspects of culture, science and business. The simple acts of growing an apple, transporting it, transforming it, consuming it, enjoying it and dealing with the waste engage a massive infrastructure, advanced technologies, and dynamic systems that touch on just about every aspect of the world we live in. Each step along this path represents a set of values and interconnections that allow us to introspect and innovate in society.

Using provocative, interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art digital media, the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 will highlight American industry, talent, products, ingenuity and entrepreneurship within the context of sustainability, nutrition and health, consumption, technology and innovation. Our official partnership with Italy will position the United States as a destination for business, entrepreneurship and travel. The USA Pavilion will promote conversation and collaboration to strengthen bilateral ties between the United States and Europe and the rest of the global community to together tackle food-system issues and challenges.


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July 16, 2014: VIDEO: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks on the United States’ participation in Expo Milano 2015

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March 28, 2014: RELEASE: Friends of the U.S. Pavilion Milano 2015 Officially Launches American Food 2.0 Program, Welcomes the Nation’s Diverse Food Community to a Global Table

March 27, 2014: VIDEO: President Obama’s announcement at a joint press conference in Rome with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of the United States’ participation in Expo Milano 2015

March 27, 2014: TRANSCRIPT: Secretary of State Kerry’s remarks to business leaders about the value of U.S. participation

October 17, 2013: MEMORANDUM: Official White House announcement on U.S.-Italy Cooperation


More about the program (PDF)


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Architecture & Design

The USA Pavilion is a one-of-a-kind building designed by award-winning architect James Biber of Biber Architects in New York. It is a 35,000 square foot space within Expo Milano’s 3.6 million square foot sustainable “smart city.” The building is a multi-level experience that flows with activity from top to bottom, side to side.



Each of these six components will engage on-site and online visitors to the USA Pavilion with the responsible, global, innovative, nutritious and delicious experiences that define American Food 2.0:

Main Pavilion

An open, airy, barn-inspired structure that moves visitors through a series of exhibits designed to take them on a sustainability journey of food from farm to table and back to farm. The Pavilion includes a large video installation, a vertical garden wall, rooftop gardens, a retail outlet, VIP meeting space, animated exhibits, and other experiences and amenities. Food security, food access, the role of science, feeding the future, and nutrition, are among the topics that will be addressed.


Food Truck Nation

Our program will showcase the uniquely American food truck experience taking hold across the United States, a representation of American diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Food truck rallies in the U.S. will lead up to USA Pavilion, where visitors will be able to taste and experience this trend for themselves.


James Beard American Restaurant

A 100-seat restaurant located on the Expo site, separate from the USA Pavilion, will showcase top American culinary talent, ingredients, beverages, and other products. Additionally, an American burger bar and beverage program will give Expo Milano visitors and VIPs a true taste of American Food 2.0.


Cultural Programming

Celebrity guests, performances, and events will keep the pavilion abuzz day and night throughout the duration of the Expo, producing valuable content and collateral, such as Food Forum, an ongoing dialogue between consumers, brands, and industry influencers about the future of food, sustainability and public health.


Social and Digital Media Experience

A program extension, sponsor benefit, and tool for broad engagement that will use cutting-edge communications and engagement technology and strategy to expand the borders of the USA Pavilion and open up the experience to nearly 1 billion virtual visitors.


Student Ambassador Program

Student ambassadors, drawn from American universities, with support from the National Italian American Foundation, will serve as national representatives for the United States. This dedicated corps of multi-lingual student ambassadors, from diverse backgrounds and locations across the U.S., will greet, guide, and educate guests to the USA Pavilion, providing a vital human component to American Food 2.0.


The USA Pavilion is being spearheaded by Friends of the USA Pavilion 2015, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed by two leading organizations at the forefront of American gastronomy, the James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center, in association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy and a diverse team of experts and advisors from across the United States of America, with support of the National Italian American Foundation.

Become a Partner

Learn how you can get involved with the USA Pavilion and/or our individual programming and digital initiatives in sustainability, health, entrepreneurship, innovation, and food. To apply to become a student ambassador, click here.

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